Home Automation Projects

I’ve collated links to my home automation projects below. Click here for a chronological list of all my project writeups to date.

My first writeup – Comprehensive Room Presence Detection

I decided to write about Room Presence Detection as my first guide. Check out how I combine the information from GPS, BLE, Motion sensors and humidity sensors to determine house and individual room presence to the best possible precision at any given time. With accurate room presence, you can reduce the complication of lots of other automation, and it can make for a nice row in you frontend view too.

An image showing how the described room presence detection could be implemented on the frontend.

My second writeup – Spotifynd

Spotifynd is a neat use case for room presence detection. When active, Spotifynd, transfers any music I start playing on Spotify (on any client) to speakers in the room I am in. Then, if I move to a different room, my music follows me and switches to playing on speakers in my new room.

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